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of Tashkent Islamic Institute named after Imam Bukhari!

Tashkent Islamic Institute named after Imam Bukhari was established on November 1, 1971.

Education in Tashkent islamic institute

More than 650 students study at the Tashkent Islamic Institute. Applicants who have graduated from secondary specialized Islamic schools can apply to the institute.

After graduating from the institute, students are assigned to work as imam-khatib or vice-imam in mosques in Uzbekistan as well as  mudarris in madrasas.

Modul-credit system

Module-credit  system of education for the 1st year students


Full-time education

Students study for 4 years in full-time education


Modul form of education

Imam-khatibs study in it with secondary special education


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“While we are opening this center of knowledge, we have made it our main task to prepare knowledgeable employees who have throughly mastered religious and modern sciences that are necessary for our holy religion”.

Sheikh Ziyauddinkhan Ishan Babakhan
Mufti, Chairman of Muslim board of Central Asia and Kazakhstan (1957-1982)

Videos about the activities of

Tashkent Islamic Institute

Q&A program
Commentary on Hadith

Online lessons of Tajweed

The lessons are conducted by Jakhongir Qori Nematov, Tajweed teacher, owner of permission and a  teacher of Tashkent Islamic Institute.

All courses on Tajweed

Online Q&A program

Q&A program is conducted by Sheikh Mukhammad Ayyubkhon Khomidov.

All lessson in Q&A program


Online Commentary on Hadith

Sheikh Jaloliddin Khamrokulov, a teacher of Hadith science and holder of ijaza of Tashkent islamic institute, will conduct a Hadith classes.

All lesson on Commentary on Hadith


Online Siyrati Nabaviya lessons

Sheikh Abdul Azim Ziyauddin, the senior teacher of the Tashkent Islamic Institute, an experienced scholar of Islamic history and sirat sciences, will conduct the lessons.

All lessons on Sirat

“A traveler on the path of knowledge is like a bee, landing from flower to flower and taking the purest nectar from it”.

Sheikh Awwama

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The number of students studying at the Tashkent islamic institute:

in full-time education
of them are women
of them are men
in Modul form of Education
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