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Science of Heritage, Science of aqaid, Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Usulul Fiqh, Jurisprudence basis of modern issues, Tasawwuf, Basis of fatva and rules of jurisprudence, Methods and methodology of teaching Islamic subjects, Qur’anic recitation and knowledge, Tafsir (commentaries to the Qur’an), Hadith, History of Islam, Mustalahul Hadith, Khataba, Arabic, Persian, Russian and English languages, Studying and characterizing manuscripts, Uzbek and world classical literature, Balagat, Strategy of developing of Uzbekistan. Citizen’s society, Philosophy of Islam. Logic science, Physical education and sport, Information technology, Methodology of scientific researches, Pedagogy. Psychology, Spiritual-educational basis of struggle against terrorism and extremism, Islam and modern life, Islamic economy and banking, New history of Muslim countries. 194


To enter Tashkent Islamic Institute the following exams are taken: – Arabic (creative) – Fiqh and aqaid (theology, Science of laws of shariah (Islamic jurisprudence)) (test) – History of Uzbekistan (test) Citizens of Uzbekistan with secondary specialized diploma of Islamic institutions are accepted to Tashkent Islamic Institute. 254


Education is conducted at three departments: Full-time education Correspondence course “Module” training system 180