Education in Great Britain

In England there are 47 universities, including the Open University which teaches via TV and radio, about 400 colleges and institutes of higher education. The oldest universities in England are Oxford and Cambridge. Generally universities award two kinds of degrees: the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree...-"Tillar” kafedrasi katta o’qituvchisi Faxriddin Yernazarov      

World famous and internationally recognized Uzbeks

I start with the name of Almighty Allah, who is the Most Merciful and the Most Benefiting. To begin with, if we look around, we will be able to see that many people from Uzbekistan are famous in the world now. But among them, there is one, who is not only famous, but also respected and loved. As you may probably know, he is Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Muhammad Yusuf...- Valikhanova Amina, The student of Tashkent Islamic Institute