In consecutive and effective organizing the function of Tashkent Islamic Institute the following departments are operating: Rectorate; Educational- methodical department; Spiritual-educational and working with gifted youth department; Information resources center; Monitoring and internal control department; Informational-technic supply department; Human resources department; Court and archive; Accountiny department; Technical supply department. 198


There are 5 chairs at Islamic Institute: Chair of Science of aqaid and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence); Chair of Science of hadith and its history; Chair of takhfizul Qur’an (memorizing the Qur’an); Chair of languages. 200

Tasks and objects of the Institute

Tashkent Islamic Institute named after Imam Bukhari started operating in 1971. “Opening this institution we set as main goal to prepare specialists possessed religious and modern knowledge important for our sacred religion”. Mufti Sheikh Ziyauddinkhan Ishan Babakhan. November 1, 1971 The Institute under Muslims Board of Uzbekistan appointed the main aim to prepare specialists of Islam, imam-khatibs and Arabic teachers with higher education possessed to the science of the history of religions, its theory, and bases of Islam and brought up in the spirit of patriotism. By the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers № 364 from August 22, 2003 on “Developing moral and educational activity on religious education, assisting in granting privileges” diplomas of graduates of the Institute were equated with diplomas of public educational institution. It gave the opportunity to continue studies at other educational institutions. During the years of Independence due to reforms on religious education and achievements since 2007 Tashkent Islamic Institute has been operating in two-storied building with all conveniences. 230