World famous and internationally recognized Uzbeks

I start with the name of Almighty Allah, who is the Most Merciful and the Most Benefiting. To begin with, if we look around, we will be able to see that many people from Uzbekistan are famous in the world now. But among them, there is one, who is not only famous, but also respected and loved. As you may probably know, he is Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Muhammad Yusuf. He was born in the house of Muhammad Yusuf qari in Andijan. He learnt firsthand knowledge from his father. As a young and dedicated man he went to Mir-Arab madrasa in Bukhara where he extended his knowledge. Then after graduating madrasa he studied at Islamic Institute in Tashkent. After graduating in 1975, he worked as editor at the editorial board “Muslims of the east of the Soviet Union” journal.  The following year, in 1976, Sheikh was admitted to Islamic University in Libya. In addition, he received financial reward at the university! Even though the time was hard and really difficult for Muslims under Soviet regime, Sheikh managed to protect rights of Muslims around Soviet Countries and also asked to build more madrasahs and Islamic centers as it is our right to pray and learn more about our religion. After huge efforts sheikh made a difference, with Allah’s mercy and will, 1,500 people made Hajj in 1991, making a massive difference compered with previous years. In 1997 Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Muhammad Yusuf was put in charge of Muslim countries and federations of the Commonwealth of Independent States within Rabita al-Alam al-Islami (Muslim World League), an international Islamic organization in Saudi Arabia. He became permanent member of the governing council of this organization.  Sheikh was not only famous, but for his efforts to provide the nation with enough resources of knowledge, sheikh wrote many books. Uzbek people really love reading his books. Also, Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq translated many Arabic books and writings of Early Islamic Scholars. He translated Imam Al Bukhary’s books.  Sheikh was also loved for his teaching lessons in the holy month of Ramadan, which was filmed and shown on TV. Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Muhammad Yusuf was one of the most important and famous people in Uzbekistan and in Central Asia. Sheikh’s legacy is living high and Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq had a precious role in Islamic society. Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq passed away in 2015. The most important point is his name and respect is living among Islamic society through his teachings and books. Every household has at least one of Sheikh’s book. Sheikh was the man who came through difficulties and dedicated to his commitments. Sheikh stayed strong on right path and taught people. Because of all mentioned above, sheikh was respected and loved around the world!

Valikhanova Amina,

The student of Tashkent Islamic Institute

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