71-227-42-37         ١٤ ذُو ٱلْقَعْدَة ١٤٤٤
December 28, 2018



“Allah will raise to high ranks those of you who believe and  are endowed with knowledge” (Al-Mujadalah 58:11) Knowledge is a great blessing. A man cannot feel it physically or taste it or touch it, but the spiritual delight and satisfaction in the mind in the way of possessing knowledge is incomparable. A man is bestowed such a great wealth that he must realize it, value it and spend it not wasting minute particle of it. On the contrary, not being able to feel it, not valuing it, and sinking in the material world will lead a man to the edge of chasm. Unquestionably, how a man’s mind grasps knowledge depends on his age. That there are so many ways and methods of learning, it eases to possess knowledge according to his age. Not being able to grasp knowledge and realizing it occurs especially because of lack of that proportion. Nowadays the attitude to learning foreign languages is rising day by day. Correspondingly number of researches are carried out and new books on languages are published. Also, new ways and methods of teaching is studied and implemented into practice. There are so many nations and languages in the world. All of them have deep history and treasure of knowledge. Any person who wants to possess that treasure, enrich himself spiritually, and spend it sincerely, tries to learn the language of that nation. There are so many publications of many nations that were translated into other language. It helps to study their history, traditions and works of their scientists, but unfortunately that chance is limited. But, imagine, if you know the language of that country fluently, all the doors will be opened for you. A man who knows the language knows the world. First of all, a man learns fundamentals of a foreign language. It is considered as the foundation. But if he wants to study any kind of sphere of science, he has to learn professional language. For this he studies that sphere, rules and methods of transferring the terminologies. Because any terminology of any sphere must be transferred keeping its meaning. Word-for-word translation cannot always give the same translation. To achieve this aim teaching language at specialized institutions should be based on professional language. For this new methods of teaching and special manuals on professional language must be developed. All spheres include the vocabulary of terminologies and phrases. The language of religion is one of them. A lot of researches and publications are carried out on this sphere. Like other spheres religion is full of terminologies that must be studied by specialists before transferring it to other language. For example, teaching English languages at Islamic institutions are renewed and students are taught professional English. This method was developed some years ago and it gives its effective results. Special books were published for this purpose. It improved the quality of teaching and learning English. Nowadays the students can explain Islam and its essence in English using special religious terminologies properly....