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Ҳажарул асвад – Қора тош

Tawaf is a stone set in the southern corner of the Kaaba at a height of 1.10 meters above the ground. It is 25 cm long and 17 cm wide. Previously, it was a single piece of stone.

As a result of the aggression of the Karmatian sect and other events, the Black Stone was broken and divided into eight small pieces. Its largest size is the size of a single palm.

The broken stones were piled on top of another large stone and wrapped in a ring with silver. Those who circumambulate the Ka’bah kiss the black stone inside the silver ring or rub it with their hands.

The first person to cover Hajar al-Aswad with silver was’ Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr. The caliphs continued to cover him with silver whenever the need arose.

In the month of Sha’ban in 1375 AH (1955 AD), new silver was coined by King Saud ibn Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia. The silver plating was renewed in 2002.

Department of Hadith and Islamic History

prepared by senior teacher Pulatkhon Kattaev

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